The Oldest, Most Powerful Credit Repair Company

FLAT FEE………$495

Millions of Americans have credit challenges and over 85% of all credit reports contain mistakes causing a negative impact on their credit rating.  It is our mission to help people dispute questionable and negative items from their credit files and help restore their credit. We are committed to helping people rebuild and re-establish their credit and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of excellence.

We are the oldest organization in the U.S. serving consumers since 1988.  Our expert analysts and dispute team know exactly how to handle your situation.   Every dispute case is unique and you need an experienced professional to navigate this process with you.  While consumers are told they can and should handle this on their own, the consumer attempted success rate over the past 30+ years is less than 10%.  More damage can be done to a credit report when disputes are handled incorrectly and can linger for well over 10 years.

Quite simply, we are the best in the business at helping you improve the information on your credit reports.   We make the process simple for you.   We will help you get your credit report and conduct a free analysis to be sure we thoroughly understand all negative items on your reports.   We also verify all of your information to ensure your reports only contain relevant, accurate contents.   If we feel that a dispute process will have a positive effect on your credit reports, we handle 100% of the process.   You will receive multiple rounds of disputes if needed and we review the results with you in great detail.  We send all of our clients information throughout the process to help understand the credit game, how to avoid decreasing scores and how to protect yourself during the ‘hot times’ of the year when cyber thieves are at their worst.

Our one-time all inclusive fee is $495 and we welcome communication from our clients long after our work is complete.  Thousands of former clients have contacted us off and on for well over 20 years simply to stay informed of the ever-changing credit industry. Many others send us offers they receive for quick review for guidance to accept a good credit offer or throw it in the trash.   As a last mention, we invite all of our clients to reach out to us annually for a free review of their report to be sure all information is accurate and up-to-date.

The reason MOST companies enroll you in a monthly program is that either plan on keeping you on a pay plan for as long as they can, they plan on addressing your issues a little bit at a time OR, they simply are not that good at what they do.  The 3 most advertised companies  have average client billing cycles that last over 2 years (at average costs of over $2,000).   The credit bureaus are required to address disputes in the same time frame regardless of how many items are being disputed.

Don’t get caught in a never ending process paying far more than needed.  The sooner your credit reports improve, the sooner you can get on with a stress free life and begin saving money.  Let us help solve your issues and improve your life quickly.     We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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